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Seattle Crawl Space Services offers foundation repair and post replacement for your crawl space
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Misaligned posts due to settling may be causing damage to your structure

Rotten posts due to water, or misaligned posts due to settling may be causing damage to your structure. As part of our clean up service we install new support posts, and can secure new and existing posts with earthquake strapping brackets.

We seal and repair foundation cracks, leaking footing spreaders, and can provide general structural repairs.

Ask your representative about your concerns or need for foundation repair.

Seattle Crawlspace Services post replacement

Sanitation Service

Once the clean-up is done, the odors can remain, stuck in wood structure, insulation, and the soils. To eliminate this issue, we treat your crawl space with non-toxic, no VOC (volatile organic compound) sanitation and fogging treatments. Our products are safe for children and pets. Ask about this service with one of our technicians.

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