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A damp and humid crawl space can cause mold and damage your home. Seattle Crawl Space Services can give you a dry crawl space.
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Homes with damp environments in the crawl space or with seasonal ground water require more ventilation

Current building code requires that a specific sized foundation air vent be installed for every 150 square feet of dirt crawl space under a home. The concept is to provide adequate air flow under the home depending on its size.

Without getting into a lecture on basic physics, let’s just say that many older homes do not meet current building ventilation and air quality code standards for the home. (If you like physics, note: Air vents are passive, not active. It is simply an opening for air to move in and out of the house like a window with a drop or rise in the outside barometric pressure, or by means of some other force. So when the weather changes from nice to say rain, the pressure drops, and air moves through the crawl space. Stagnant weather creates stagnant air in the crawl space.)

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Homes with damp environments in the crawl space or with seasonal ground water require even more ventilation. One way to increase the air flow is to install air vents into siding or the concrete foundation. Opening more vents can be very costly, and allow for more cold air to come in under the home in the winter, which then requires greater amounts of insulation…a vicious cycle. Another method is mechanical ventilation. Constant ventilation does not have to wait for the weather to change to provide air flow.

A more effective method can be de-humidification. But placing a de-humidifier in an open vented crawl space results in wasted energy and effort because it attempts to de-humidify the outdoor environment as well.

Sanitation Service

Once the clean-up is done, the odors can remain, stuck in wood structure, insulation, and the soils. To eliminate this issue, we treat your crawl space with non-toxic, no VOC (volatile organic compound) sanitation and fogging treatments. Our products are safe for children and pets. Ask about this service with one of our technicians.

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